Nagog is committed to providing comprehensive cross-border after-sales services for Chinese cross-border e-commerce sellers, integrating all aspects of the cross-border service chain from front-end to back-end, and providing one-stop after-sales solutions. Utilizing the world's most advanced intelligent after-sales management system to help cross-border e-commerce sellers solve overseas after-sales problems, helping brand owners achieve localized brand implementation solutions in the United States, and reducing comprehensive after-sales costs for enterprises, is the preferred after-sales service for cross-border e-commerce sellers.

Telephone customer service work order service system

Record all incoming phone calls from customers, track and manage all customer complaint data

Customized customer service software

Nagog Innovation Technology Inc

Software advantages

1. The customer service work order system can be customized, and software content can be customized according to the requirements of different sellers to meet their different needs.
2. The customer service work order system is visualized and open to sellers for free. Sellers can track the service progress of each customer complaint case in real-time.
3. The customer service work order system is multifunctional, regularly exporting customer complaint reports to help sellers analyze customer complaint data and optimize product functionality.

Telephone answering service system

Track and record each incoming and outgoing call, provide detailed analysis data

Telephone answering recording software

Nagog Innovation Technology Inc

Software advantages

1. The telephone recording system can record and playback, and for any customer complaint with questions, the problem can be identified and responsibility can be determined through playback, making it convenient for regulatory management.
2. The telephone recording system can record every incoming and outgoing call, any call from Won'tmessed customers, real-time reminders for missed calls, and timely call back to customers.

Self developed WMS ERP after-sales management software

The new generation of intelligent after-sales service software platform enables enterprise after-sales management with the latest Internet Internet of Things technology

ERP after-sales management software

Nagog Innovation Technology Inc

Software advantages

1. Assign an independent ERP account to each seller, track the maintenance progress, inbound and outbound data management of each product.
2. The seller uploads product information, product images, including accessories, FNSKU labels, FBA shipping labels, etc. through the system.
3. Provide a discounted USPS or UPS account for shipping, and promptly send products and accessories to customers to reduce customer complaints.
4. Sellers can issue task instructions through software, and each task instruction is recorded and tracked. Our company promptly processes and completes the instructions.
5. The system can automatically generate a monthly expense list, which can be exported from the system to facilitate sellers in verifying monthly bills.

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