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Cross -border e -commerce(The philippines)English customer service outsourcing

Nagog Innovation Technology Inc

Nagog Innovation Technology Inc

NagogoThe telephone service service after the north american market is mainly dedicated to the after -sales and product testing of the north american market,Fault analysis,Repair renovation,And an overseas storage business and other businesses。Headquartered in boston, eastern city of the united states。Customer service team and maintenance team in boston, usa,Dallas,Toronto in canada, three places in toronto,Shenzhen,Guangzhou,Ningbo,There are also many offices in xiamen and other places。

The customer service team is allNative Speaker,Primary serviceAmazon,Walmart,Homedepot,Lowe's,WayfairWait for multiple e -commerce platforms。Intervention through telephone customer service,Appeal the buyer's emotions,Eliminate buyer misunderstanding,Prevent buyers from bad reviews,Answer customer consultation,Guide customers to place orders,Keep communication with the seller,Take timely measures,Replenishment accessories, etc.,Every call to communicate with the buyer has a phone recording,There are detailed records for each phone number,Management and recording buyer data,It is convenient for the seller to track the progress of each customer's complaint in real time。Customers who currently use our telephone customer service,Domestic email complaints have been reduced40%,From ourNative SpeakerCommunicate with your customers,Can make your domestic work easier,Solve the problem of customers more quickly and effectively,So as to enhance your brand effect,After the problem is solved,We can also help sellers get more5Starreviews。

Members of product maintenance teams are talents in professional and technical fields,Has years of work experience in related fields,Familiar workflow,Can quickly help sellers to analyze and position product problems and find solutions,SellerSOPOperation batch renovation,Meticulous professionalism,Self-studyERPTracking the return on the warehouse、Out of the warehouse、The quantity and progress of the labels,Self -order delivery,It is convenient for sellers to track and manage spare parts inventory in our warehouse。Our company is committed to solving various after -sales problems for cross -border e -commerce sellers。

NagogMany large cross -border e -commerce companies in the industry are currently in the industry、Factory establish in -depth cooperative relationship, Have rich industry experience,Welcome to consult!We look forward to cooperation!

Shenzhen Company

Address:202B, 2nd Floor, Fuqi Creative Building, Nankeng Community, Longgang District, Shenzhen


Boston Office, USA

Address:W30 120 East Hollis Street Nashua NH 03060 US

Telephone:+1 (978) 496-7302

Dallas Office, USA

Address:1600 Marilla St, Dallas TX 75201 US

Toronto Office, Canada

Address:134 Mineola Road West, Mississauga Ontario L5G 2C2 Canada