The problems and pain points encountered by domestic cross-border e-commerce seller customer service

Time difference

Due to the time difference issue, the domestic customer service team of cross-border e-commerce sellers often cannot answer customer calls in a timely manner, cannot solve customer problems in a timely manner, and causes customers to wait for too long, resulting in returns or negative reviews, and even affecting brand image.

Communication issues

Due to cultural and linguistic differences between domestic and North American regions, domestic customer service personnel of cross-border e-commerce sellers are not familiar with North American customer culture and language, resulting in low communication efficiency. Long text email replies make customers very annoyed and unwilling to continue communication.

Feedback issues

Lack of professional software platforms to track customer issues and resolution progress, inability to record and manage basic customer information, inability to analyze common customer issues, inability to summarize and analyze product data, and inability to address the core needs of cross-border e-commerce sellers.

Advantages of Nagog's professional customer service team in North America


Senior customer service team

Native Speaker+Excellent Chinese Combination
Assign two Native Speaker customer service representatives and one Chinese customer service representative to each customer service phone number


Customized service platform

We provide two sets of professional software for free: a customized customer service system and a telephone recording system, which are open to sellers for free, making it easy for them to understand the customer service situation in real time.


Professional telephone recording software

The customer service work order system can be customized, visualized, and multifunctional. Sellers can request it, and we will adjust the system content according to your needs to facilitate your assessment of customer service work.


Analyze and statistically analyze product data

The customer service work order system can analyze customer after-sales big data, regularly summarize customer complaints, generate reports, and help sellers improve and optimize their products.


Convenient supervision and management

The telephone recording system can record and playback, and for any customer complaint with questions, the problem can be identified and responsibility can be determined through playback, facilitating regulatory management.


Never miss customer calls

The telephone recording system can record every incoming and outgoing call, any call from Won'tmessed customers, real-time reminders for missed calls, and timely call back to customers.


Real time communication with customers

Local telephone customer service maintains real-time communication with customers without time difference, ensuring a daily connection rate of 95% Above. In order to reduce the negative review rate, customers can also be requested to leave positive reviews.


Flexible package

The telephone customer service package is flexible, settled monthly, without the need for pre storage, and can be cancelled or changed at any time. According to the total call time, a Toll free Telephone number can be provided.


Multi account management

No matter how many brands, stores, or products you have, the total call duration of each account is shared with the purchased package duration, so you don't have to purchase multiple packages.


Multiple phone number management

No matter how many phone numbers you have, our telephone system can be internally transferred and managed uniformly, and all calls can be answered by one person for easy tracking and management.


Unlimited service categories

Nagog's overseas telephone customer service categories and products are not limited. We have cooperated with top sellers in multiple categories on multiple cross-border e-commerce platforms and have gained recognition and recognition from the sellers.


Multilingual services

Nagog provides multilingual call support with English as the main language, German, Spanish and other languages coexisting. Provide native language level services to your global clients.

Cross border e-commerce customer service outsourcing service process

Preliminary communication
Finding the most suitable customized business

Signing the contract
Ensuring maximum rights and interests to reassure customers

Customer service training
Fully understand and prepare the product before the team takes over the task

Assign phone numbers
Provide exclusive responsible phone numbers based on customer needs

Formal services
Supply high-quality and comprehensive customer service

After -sales service
Data analysis provides specialized problem analysis reports

Detailed process of customer service handling incoming calls

Nagog Innovation Technology Inc

Regularly issue statistical reports required by sellers, so as to facilitate sellers to analyze and summarize after-sales data.

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